The Orange Box Theater was formed to unbox theater that makes you think. Our mission is to present classic black plays to a diverse audience, mount American Classics using non-traditional casting and creative multimedia, and develop new writers with a sharp point of view. We will kick-off our 1st official season with the Laugh Out Loud Series. Funny yet provocative our season is designed to keep you laughing and make you think.

Orange Box Theater is committed to bringing out the best in creatives. We have developed a fun, diverse, community that encourages actors from all walks of life to hone their art. We are currently casting principals for our 2018 season. Projects are as follows:

  • Noises Off (Comedy/Farce) Opens: March 10, 2018
  • Two Words (Romantic Comedy) Opens: May 26, 2018
  • Purlie the Musical (Musical Comedy) Opens: September 22, 2018

Call Type: Principal

Date of Audition: Saturday, November 4, 2017

Location: Mark SQuared Studios 1804 Montreal Court, Ste B, Tucker, GA 30084

Time: Noon to 3pm

Appointments: No appointments necessary. Auditions will be on a first come, first served basis.

Personnel: Onyx Keesha, Director, Tiffany Roberts, Director

Seeking: Actors, singers and dancers for various roles and chorus in the upcoming season shows. Breakdowns below.

Preparation: Please prepare a short comedic monologue and/or 16 bars of a song. Please bring two copies of your headshot and resume.

Compensation: Paid by the show plus rehearsal stipend

Contact Info: Karlotta Washington,, 404-590-1772

Notes: Performers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are encouraged to attend.

All rehearsals and the first run of the productions will take place in Tucker, Georgia at the Orange Box Theater at Mark SQuared Studios. All talent and crew members must have legal eligibility to work in the entertainment industry in the state of Georgia.


Noises Off (Comedy/Farce) Opens: March 10, 2018

Written by award winning playwright Michael Frayn. Noises Off has been called “the funniest farce ever written,” Noises Off presents a manic menagerie of itinerant actors rehearsing a flop called Nothing’s On. Doors slamming, on and offstage intrigue, and an errant herring all figure in the plot of this hilarious and classically comic play.


DOTTY OTLEY (FEMALE) – A late-middle-aged actress. Plays Mrs. Clackett, the housekeeper for the Brents’ home in the Caribbean in Nothing’s On.

LLOYD DALLAS (MALE)  – The director of a play-within-the-play, called Nothing’s On.

GARRY LEJEUNE (MALE)  –  A stuttering actor, easily fired up. Plays Roger, the estate agent looking to let the Brent’s house in Nothing’s On.

BROOKE ASHTON (FEMALE) – A young inexperienced actress from Africa. Plays Vicki, who works for the tax authorities and is trying to woo Roger in Nothing’s On.

POPPY NORTON-TAYLOR (FEMALE) – Assistant Stage Manager.

FREDERICK FELLOWES (MALE) – Has a serious fear of violence and blood. Plays Phillip Brent, who lives out of the country with his wife Flavia to avoid paying taxes and is on a secret visit in Nothing’s On.

BELINDA BLAIR (FEMALE) – Cheerful and sensible, a reliable actress. Plays Flavia, Philip Brent’s wife, who is dependable, though not one for household duties in Nothing’s On.

TIM ALLGOOD (MALE)  – An over-worked Stage Manager.

SELSDON MOWBRAY (MALE)  – Elderly and with actorly mannerisms. Plays Selsdon, a burglar and an old man in his seventies, breaking into the Brents’ house in Nothing’s On.

Two Words (Romantic Comedy) Opens: May 26, 2018

Two Words Written & Directed by Tiffany Roberts. Love takes work – time, effort and even a bit of sacrifice. And when either party can’t do the work…it’s back to the dating scene you go. Two Words follows Austin and Lacy on a series of dates after ending their never-ending relationship. The “bounce back” dates set-up by their friends is not quite what they expected. And when they think they’ve finally found a suitable replacement, or at least someone they can talk to – reality strikes again.  

CHARACTER LIST – ENSEMBLE CAST (4-6 Females, 4-6 Males (Roles can be doubled))

AUSTIN BLACK (LEAD – MALE) – Gentleman and respectful. He’s a good guy. Professional. Lacy’s  love interest.

LACY BLUE (LEAD – FEMALE) – Career woman. Places unreasonable expectations on a man that obviously loves her. Austin’s love interest.

WAITER (LEAD – MALE) – An obviously well-trained Maitre D that lacks filters. He makes sly remarks about the people eating in his restaurant. He has something to say about everybody.

JULIA WHITE (SUPPORTING – FEMALE) – Lacy’s best friend. She’s a voice of reason.

VOSALINA (SUPPORTING – FEMALE) – Educated yet oblivious to an obvious character flaw.

PEACHES (SUPPORTING – FEMALE) – Loud, over-the-top…stereotypically rachet girl from the hood.


CYAN (SUPPORTING – FEMALE) – Sophisticated. Professional. Diva.

VLADAMIR (SUPPORTING – MALE) – Thinks he is a vampire.

DENNIS BROWN (SUPPORTING – MALE) – Austin’s best friend. The voice of reason.

DJ PHOO PHOO (SUPPORTING – MALE) – Stuck in the 80’s. Loud. Thinks he still has IT.

CHRISTIAN (SUPPORTING – MALE) – Professional. Well-spoken. Interesting.

Purlie the Musical (Musical Comedy) Opens: September 22, 2018

Book by Ossie Davis, Peter Udell, and Philip Rose. “Purlie” tells the story of Purlie, a self-taught preacher who returns to his home in the South with the intent of opening an abandoned church and ringing the bell of freedom. The problem is that Ol’ Cap’n is holding Purlie’s inheritance due to a long-lost cousin. With the help of Ol’ Cap’n’s son, Charlie, Purlie’s manages to outsmart the white haired old-timer to win a victor’ for freedom.


PURLIE VICTORIOUS (LEAD – MALE, BARITONE) – A loud and proud preacher who is intent on winning the church and the land back from Ol’ Cap’n.

LUTIBELLE GUSSIMAE (LEAD – FEMALE, YOUNG ADULT, SOPRANO) – A naive and lovestruck young woman who follows Purlie.

OL’ CAP’N (SUPPORTING – MALE) – A jolly but racist bigot who loves money. Charlie’s father.

CHARLIE (SUPPORTING – MALE, BARITONE) Ol’ Cap’n son. A young, white, hippy-type man who is intent on equal rights for everyone around him.

MISSY (SUPPORTING – FEMALE,  MEZZO-SOPRANO) Gitlow’s hard-working, church-going wife.

GITLOW (SUPPORTING – MALE) Purlie’s hard working, church going brother. Supervises the field workers. Missy’s husband.

IDELLA (FEATURED – FEMALE, SOPRANO) – An older woman who works for Ol’ Cap’n. She is the only mother that Charlie has known