Auditions: The Meeting

Audition Tape: Tuesday, March 13 @ Noon

Callbacks: Sunday, March 18 @ 1pm to 4pm

“The Meeting” is a fictional account of a debate between Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. The play is set in a Harlem hotel on Valentine’s Day in 1965, a week before Malcolm X was murdered. Differing in their philosophies, but alike in their mutual respect, the two men debate their varying approaches to the same grave social problems, both prepared to die for their beliefs but neither aware of how soon their assassins’ bullets would await them.

Seeking: Actors (3) African American Males. Seeking African-American actors with physical similarity to Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X.

Auditions: Video submission. Due by Tuesday, March 13 @ noon.

Callbacks: Call backs by invitation after viewing audition tape. Sunday, March 18, 2018, 1pm to 4pm

Location: Mark SQuared Studios 1804 Montreal Court, Ste B, Tucker, GA 30084

Personnel: Faizah Imani, Director

Submission Instructions: Click here to submit your audition application and video submission.

Please submit a 90 second dramatic monologue. Include your slate at the beginning with your name, and the name of your monologue. The file should be 100MB or smaller. Please complete the audition form and include your head shot, resume and a link to your audition video.

Compensation: Paid by the show plus rehearsal stipend

Performances: Friday, May 18, 8pm; Sunday, May 20, 1pm and 4pm

Contact Info: Karlotta Washington,, 404-590-1772

All rehearsals and the first run of the productions will take place in Tucker, Georgia at the Orange Box Theater @ Mark SQuared Studios. All talent and crew members must have legal eligibility to work in the entertainment industry in the state of Georgia.

Character List

Martin Luther King Jr.: Legendary leader of the Civil Rights Movement. Seeking African- American male 20s-40s

Malcolm X: Minister and human rights activist who was a courageous advocate for the rights of blacks. Seeking African-American male 20s-40s

Rashadd: Malcolm X’s bodyguard. Seeking African- American male 20s-40

Auditions: Broadway Bound Fall/Winter 2017

The Orange Box Theater and M.Power Productions are accepting creatives in the Fall/Winter Session of Broadway Bound. Every young creative will receive a role, however, if young creatives are interested in a speaking or singing role they must be prepared for a full audition. Our Young Creatives will present Birth “The Nativity Story” an original play written and directed by the program’s Artistic Director Onyx Keesha. The play will premiere on Saturday, December 2, 2017 in the Auditorium at Kindezi Old Fourth Ward. Rehearsals will take place in Tucker, Georgia at the Orange Box Theater at Mark SQuared Studios.


  • Those interested in a speaking part must select a monologue below.
  • Those interested in a solo singing part come prepared with a Christmas Song to sing.


Those who wish to be considered for a speaking role please select one of the following monologues to read/perform during the audition. Remember to TRY YOUR BEST, we do not expect perfection, we just want to see that you are giving it your all. GOOD LUCK!

JOSEPH (male)

Please stop, Mary.. Stop. (He can not look at Mary) I loved you, I mean I love you Mary, so when word got to me, that my wife to be was with child before we came together, I was devastated (He begins to tear) How could my Mary, my heart be unfaithful, I loved you, the pain was so deep, my heart gone. I could not believe it, but there is was clear as day, the truth. (He turns to Mary) You were with child. The people, the people kept coming to me Mary, telling me, calling you names, I hated it, but you were pregnant with child, and we had yet to come together, I did not want to disgrace you, because you still lived in my heart, but I decided we could no longer be..(Mary is emotional but understand, she turns to cry) But then…..But, the most miraculous thing happened, an Angel

INNKEEPER (male or female)

She looks more than tired and worn, she looks as if she is ready to burst, and for this I am sad to report that there is no room at the inn (Mary lets out a cry and bends over in pain) I am sorry, I can not help you……Wait, Wait (Mary and Joseph stop and turn as the innkeeper approaches). It is true I have no room for you, but something inside me will not allow me to turn you away. There is a stable out back, you are welcome to stay there. I can provide you with blankets to keep warm, it is not much but it is all I have to offer.

MARY (female)

Though I am unsure, I serve the Lord. May His will be done.I do not know why I have been chosen. I do not know if I am strong enough for such a task. I do not feel worthy. What will Joseph think, will I loose the man I am to wed. Does it even matter, I am scared, I feel alone, But I will follow my lord, I will open my heart to whatever his will is in my life. I turn to him for comfort now (Mary falls to her knees to pray ) Dear God I feel alone, I feel scared…

CHRISTMAS (male or female)

My name is Christmas and I am here to tell you how I came to be. I am so excited to bring you on this journey with me. You will see the beauty of the nativity.Over 2000 years ago, God sent the angel, an angel called Gabriel to Nazareth, a town in Galilee, to a virgin named Mary who was pledged to be married to a carpenter named Joseph.