Shows & Events

The Colored Museum | February 23-25, 2017

presented by The Orange Box Theater
written by George C. Wolfe | directed by Onyx Keesha

“The Colored Museum” presents 11 humorous yet thought-provoking exhibits of black culture that remain relevant in today’s world of “Black Lives Matter.” From the depths of the Celebrity Slave Ship to the spinning heights of Harlem audiences are reminded of the contributions Blacks have made to American history and their battle to maintain their uniqueness.

A Changed Mind | March 2-4, 2017

presented by Nspired Images
written & directed by Russell M. Tyson

Allow this dynamic cast to take you into the lives of the Watkins family. The deception, betrayal, and DRAMA will leave you spellbound!  Let them tell you a story that many of us face in our everyday lives: sadness, agony, happiness, joy, repentance and more. The clear message is “Don’t wait until you lose everything; to find God!”